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The Kid’s Activities Area shuts down at 7 pm. 

Help your child ‘Grow Up Great’ with PNC!

This year at the FEST, PNC will proudly present their Mobile Learning Adventure (MLA). This interactive exhibit provides early childhood education resources to parents and caregivers, and fun, hands-on learning stations for children. With the help of parents, kids will have the chance to explore the Word of the Day Vocabulary Tree, Children’s Interactive Kiosks, Giveaway Table, “Making Choices” Activity Board, What I Want to Be When I Grow Up Photo Station and Craft Area. Be sure to stop by and check it out on August 7th!

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All sessions are now FULL.

Join Denyse Carbonell in following her heart and sharing her love of art education by creating your own canvas painting at the FEST! 75 people will get the chance to paint a beautiful creation. Denyse will offer guided painting sessions at 1:00, 3:00, and 5:00 pm at the FEST. Each session lasts about an hour.

To see Denyse’s artwork and ways you can paint, visit


It’s been 16 years since the first FEST…a generation!

Check out all our hanging frames! Take your picture in the frame of the first year you came to the FEST.

Take a picture with your friends or family!

Share that picture on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

All 16 years themes and logos will be in this Giant Gallery!

You Are My “Son-Shine”

This area of the FEST is designed for our guests with special developmental needs. The Son-Shine tent is located in the Marc’s Family Fun Zone. Explore the sensory tables. Experiment making bubbles with cool wands! FAMILY IS EVERYTHING!

Represent all the members of your family by putting together a family tree. Have fun with corn, clean clay, sand and all sorts of other fun hand on activities. Just relax while your child participates in the great activities in this area!

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Petting Zoo

For People of All Ages

Visit with returning Honey Hill farm animals, enjoyed by children and adults alike. Enjoy an interactive experience with gentle donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, and more!



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Small Fry Play Area

For Kids 6 and Under

Remember Jesus is with you in everything you do… play, exercise, create, enjoy! Sign your name on our chalk wall if you think Jesus is everything! Play in the sand. Have fun with with bubbles or our Giant Jenga blocks. Make a dancing ring. Play our foam ball games. See how many bible heroes you can match to their bible story. Toss the ball in the pails, make happy shakers and of course ride around on our bikes…so much to do! The Small Fry Area is located in the tennis courts by the Volunteer sign in.


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Announcing Drawing Contest Winners!

Each year at the FEST we showcase the work of countless young, talented artists that submitted entries to our annual drawing contest!

Congratulations to the Top 25!

Cecilia Abkemeier, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Finley Benn, St. Anthony of Padua
Chloe Bibbo, St. Columbkille
Michael Bohnak, St. Francis de Sales
Taylor Brousek, St. Ambrose
Rian Cramer, St. Anthony of Padua
Henry Curtis, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
John Deaton, St. Colette
Abby Dziedzicki, St. Ambrose
Gabriel Ion, St. Ambrose
Addison Klotzsche, St. Ambrose
Emily Krayzel, St. Anthony of Padua
Macy McConville, St. Anthony of Padua
Parker Neff, St. Ambrose
Bernadette Palumbo, St. John Vianney
Clare Rodriguez, St. Mary
Gianna Palumbo, St. John Vianney
Bernadette Rodriguez, St. Mary
Sara Rodriguez, St. Mary
Abigail Sulo, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Jeffery Tong, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Reagan Vavro, St. Ambrose
Holly Vis, St. Gabriel
Kara Vis, St. Gabriel
Ashley Zarack, St. Bede the Venerable
Look for all the entries in the coloring contest on the TV in the Kids Area!

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Crafts, Crafts, Crafts

The Diocesan Committee for Girls’ Religious Programs has come together to plan some crafts that will remind us of the FEST theme, “EVERYTHING.”

  • EVERYTHING you need to make a button picture, kites or cupcakes is here.
  • Make a design! Use your imagination! Have fun making a crown or door hanger.
  • Shake your tambourine to say “THANK YOU” to God for EVERYTHING!
  • There is nothing more powerful than prayer! Make an Emergency Prayer Kit with the Girl Scouts.
  • Make a Marian Pin to wear! Show your love for the Blessed Mother and EVERYTHING she does for you.
  • Sign a card for our military. Let them know how much we appreciate EVERYTHING they do for us.

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Great Games Galore!

HUMAN FOOSBALL is back! Join a team! Have fun as you challenge others!

Build in the Lego area. Now is your chance. Look for other activities to be added to this area.

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The St. Paschal Rascals are back!

Laughing makes everyone happy! Those crazy clowns are back for the 16th year! They are out to tickle your funny bone and bring a smile to your face. Be sure to pass your smile on and come see what the clowns are up to!

kids clown

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Pray the Rosary

Take 15 minutes from your day and join us in the rosary tent on the hour to pray. Rosaries are available to pray during the FEST or to take home, courtesy of the St. Justin Martyr Rosary Makers. We thank You…We praise You…We bless You…We glorify You…Together with our Mother Mary, we offer you EVERYTHING we are and have in return for your love and mercy.


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Come for a special FEST Family Blessing

Families that pray together can bring change. In the Family Blessing tent, deacons from around the Cleveland Diocese will pray with you and for you. Sometimes the road can be uncertain for us or those we love. We trust in prayer. Be sure to take a prayer card with you that you can pray throughout the year.

140803-FEST-142600-Kushner_0278-XL copy copy

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Ojo de dios

Espanol que se habla aqui! We will make a God’s eye, just like the people in Mexico put in their homes to bless the people who live there and visit. They know that with the cross, Jesus brought great blessings into everyone’s lives. Spanish will be spoken here!


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Stand Up BINGO

Have fun playing a different kind of BINGO! Everyone wins and you can play as many times as you like! Everyone is welcome…there’s no age limit!

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Word Sticks

Choose a Word that shows your faith in Christ: BELIEVE, TRUST, JOY, FAITH, COURAGE, or one of the many words around this tent. Design a word stick that will be a visual reminder that God gives us EVERYTHING we need when we pray.

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Family & Friends Are EVERYTHING Pinwheels

Choose 4 important people in your life. Write their names on the 4 corners of the pinwheel. Pray for those people every time you spin the pinwheel or think of them!   Make two and share with a friend.


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Rub Over Patterns

Use crayons or pencils to rub over a shape that you like. Keep this for yourself or write a note of thanks, a promise, a prayer and roll it up, tie with a ribbon and pass it forward to someone who makes up your home family, school family, church family, work family, neighborhood family.


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World Youth Day Reunion

The very first FEST was known as Home from ROME! Sixteen years later we still celebrate the return of those who have gone to World Youth Days. Are you going to World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland? Have you been to World Youth Day anywhere else? Stop into the CYO Tent and tell us about your experience!

Come find out more information about the Cleveland Diocese Youth Conference and sign the banner that will be there at the conference.



thumbnail_Catholic youth conference

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Together We Can Create EVERYTHING

Come see our Giant Pegboard and make your own creation with colored golf tees. Your contribution will suit us to a tee!

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Floppy Hats

It’s sunny and these hats are perfect to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your shoulders. They can be for girls or boys, young or old! Come add your artistic touch and make your own design.

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Take the Pledge

I Pledge…to use my words to speak in a kind way.

To help others as I go throughout my day.

To care for our Earth with my healing heart & hands

To respect people in each and every land

To join together as we unite the big and small

To do my part to create peace for one and all

To make Jesus my EVERYTHING!

Pick up a card…sign the GIANT pledge postcard…take a card home for others to share…Imagine the difference this would make in our world!


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