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Dig – (in) and get educated.

  • What does DACA stand for?
    • The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
    • NOTE: The Department of Homeland Security is no longer accepting initial requests for DACA, but we will adjudicate initial requests for DACA accepted by Sept. 5, 2017.
  • To qualify for the DACA program, applicants must meet the following criteria:
    • Have arrived in the United States prior to age 16
    • Have continuously resided in the United States without legal status since June 15, 2007
    • Be less than age 31 as of June 15, 2012 and at least age 15 at application (unauthorized immigrants under 15 but in removal proceedings are also eligible to apply)
    • Be currently enrolled in school, have graduated high school or obtained a general development certificate (GED), or be an honorably discharged veteran
    • Have not been convicted of a felony or multiple or serious misdemeanors and not pose a threat to national security or public safety
  • Nearly three-quarters of DACA applicants have lived in the United States for at least ten years and nearly one-third were age five or younger at arrival.
  • There is no evidence that DACA holders are more likely to commit crimes than U.S. citizens.

Ask – ask questions

Call – call your congressman (info and resources on how to do so)

Act – Share information with family and friends – help them get educated.

  • No matter your position, educate your family and friends about DACA – what it is, what you believe, and what they can do to get involved.
  • Below is a simple email that you can send to your family and friends about the issue:
    • Hello! I was just on reading about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This has been a controversial topic discussed in the news recently. I wanted to learn more about it, and found that provided the facts on the topic. I figured you may be interested in it too! If you want to talk about the topic, I’d love to find some time to do so!