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Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the FEST Raffle!

Thank you for your support of the FEST. Please call the FEST Office at 440-943-7662 to claim your prize.

FEST 2017 Raffle Winners!

Grand Prize: A New Car – Dan Barrett, Twinsburg
2nd Prize: $10,000 Cash – Maureen Valyko, Mentor
3rd Prize: $5,000 Cash – Timothy Zak, Walton Hills
4th Prize: All Inclusive Vacation – Mark Rabec, Westlake
5th Prize: $2,500 Universal Windows – St. Cyprian Music Ministry – Group #5, Perry
6th Prize: $2,500 Cash –William Renz, Aurora
7th Prize: $2,000 Cash – Helen Lallo, Concord Township
8th Prize: $2,000 Cash – Scott Simms, Wooster
9th Prize: $1,500 Cash – Lee Brandt, Wickliffe
10th Prize: $1,500 Cash – Rebecca Meyer, Hudson
11th Prize: $1,500 Cash – Kathryn Tatman, Hudson
12th Prize: $1,500 Cash – Rita Szymczak, Chagrin Falls
13th Prize: $1,500 Cash – Rev. Thomas Johns, Mentor
14th Prize: $1,000 Cash – Megan Wallace, Shaker Heights
15th Prize: $1,000 Cash – Bob Markel, Mayfield Heights
16th Prize: $1,000 Cash – Anita Triozzi, Chardon
17th Prize: $1,000 Cash – Liggett Family, Chardon
18th Prize: $750 Cash – Patricia Biesiadny, North Olmsted
19th Prize: $750 Cash – Steve Lazuka, Mentor
20th Prize: $750 Cash – Laura Dowdell, Rochester
21st Prize: $750 Cash – Kimberly Valentine, Mentor on the Lake
22nd Prize: $500 Cash – Katarina Katalinic, Hartville
23rd Prize: $500 Cash – Bretty Haydu, Madison
24th Prize: $250 Cash – Kathy Yurichak, Walton Hills
25th Prize: $250 Cash – Fr. Vincent Capaddano Assembly 3019, Berea

2017 Marc’s Basket Winners!

Prize Name
Make Up Basket Rebecca Bartl
Make Up Basket Janet Schaffer
Nail Basket Pauline Solano
Beauty Basket Karen Harlis
Baby Basket Rebecca Scheuthieer
Beach Basket Andrea Forte
Mr. Clean Basket Natalie Lividen
Mr. Clean Basket Ester Stone
Tights Basket Emily Horvath
Marc’s $100 card Ann Marie More
Cooling/ lotion Basket Colleen Bell
Marc’s $100 card Katie Herzog
Marc’s $50 card Donna Williams
Hair Styling Basket Hope Crum
Dove Body wash Basket Sheri Engstli
Beauty Basket Rida Niedoba
Zim’s Max Crack Crème Basket Molly Bartt
O’ Keeffe’a Company Kit Laura Brand
Cooling/ lotion Basket Patty Salvatore
Make Up Basket Porche Robinson
Make Up Basket Deana Jordan- Sims
Make Up Basket Pam McDonald
Socks/tights Basket Rosita Ortiz
Paint/ Man Basket Eileen Eisher
Cooling/ lotion Basket Mary DeBernardo
Make Up Basket Johanna Bacik
Baby Basket Patti Liner
Nail Basket Teresa Latham
Make Up Brushes Basket Donna Pretehett
Beach Basket Jessica Maggard
Baby Basket Doris Eizember
Aquaphor Kit Donna Mycoskie
Cleaning Basket Betti Irsak
Essential Oil Julie Cox
Eucerin Basket Samantha Hams
Cleaning Basket Lakesha Gilmore
Marc’s $100 card Heather Haag
Vitamin Kit Swapna Padanilam
Beauty Basket Linda Swan
Girls Night Stephanie Sanders
Make Up Basket Tina Ranja
O’Keefe’s Company Kit Colena Ruggles
Aquaphor Kit Rebecca Smith
Vitamin Kit Roberta Esterak
Beauty Basket Lenora Pastirik
Make Up Basket Reba Edwards
Beauty Basket Betty Nystrom
71 Beauty Basket Sandra Premiera
Aveeno Baby Charleen Brueggeman
Make Up Basket Jenny Mumford
Baby Basket Leah Moms
Cleaning Basket Mary Stentz
Beach Basket Liz Sluzz
Zim’s Max Crack Crème Basket Kathy Hughes
Aveeno Baby Linda Hjort
Baby Basket Ashley Scheiman
Mens basket Sakeia M. Love
Marc’s $50 card Amanda Smith
Beauty Basket Jen Bohannon
Nivea Basket Emily Koziura
Marc’s $100 card Dawn Hocevar
Cooling/ lotion Basket Elizabeth Holter
Marc’s $50 card Karen Brocco- Kesh
Party Basket Vanessa Castunedo
Hair Styling Basket Jenny Amidt
Paint/ Man Basket Tina Howerton
Donate Basket Vanessa Smith
Essential Oil Sherry Sanchez
Marc’s $50 card Yvonne Conrad
Lotion Basket Allison Miller
O’ Keeffe’a Company Kit Jennifer Finch
Marc’s $100 card Debbee Volkmen
Marc’s $50 card Lori Nevulis

Thanks again to all of our sponsors!


Special thanks to our friends at Speedway for their support of The FEST and The FEST raffle. They help keep The FEST going and will keep you and your car going as well!