A Full & Abundant Life! A Blessed and Amazing New Year!


As we begin the new year, all of us make resolutions so we can be better, happier, healthier, and holier.

Jesus wants to light our way to peace.   God promises to bless every offering and ‘yes’ we make – each and every day.

As you reflect on your life, the path to joy and happiness, take a few steps forward – a few resolutions – to help you find a fuller, more abundant life and a deeper love and joy in Christ.

Click the link below to download a resolutions bookmark and learn about all the ways you can use the new year – and each day – to grow closer to the Lord and find a blessed and amazing year ahead.

DOWNLOAD: 2017 Resolution Bookmark


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⎕ Pray before every meal.
⎕ Take ten minutes a day to read the Bible.
⎕ Find one Church ministry or program to get involved in this year.
⎕ Invite a family member or friend to Church with you.
⎕ Read Matthew Kelly’s book, Resisting Happiness (www.dynamiccatholic.com)
⎕ Resolve and make Sunday prayer/worship/Mass a priority for my family.
⎕ Join a small faith sharing/discussion group (www.ALPHAUSA.org)
⎕ Carry a religious medal/rosary with me for prayer and as a reminder that the Lord is with me.
⎕ Get involved with our Community Service Projects and/or ALPHA Village (www.ALPHAVillage.us)
⎕ Mark your calendar for The FEST – Sunday, August 6, 2017.  Tell your family and friends as well.
Men:  ⎕ Join the Knights of Columbus or a Men’s Fellowship group at your Church
Women:  ⎕ Find a retreat for women or a faith-sharing group