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The FEST happens because of a large group of wonderful volunteers. The FEST has over 1,500 people helping in different areas from running activities, to parking cars, to setting up the stage. We simply would not be able to function without our army of volunteers for the Lord! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. We look forward to seeing you for the FEST!


To open the list of descriptions for volunteer areas in a separate browser window, CLICK HERE.


While there have been changes to the choir this year, we still would like to include YOU, along with any other FEST choir member from over the years.  Tom will be using a song that you will know (Family of God/All Creatures of our God and King) and the theme ‘A Full Life’ calls for a great and energetic opening procession as we come to the Table of the Lord.  We will have streamers for each of you to carry, as well as provide your FEST Volunteer t-shirts.  We ask you, for this year, to lead the singing as part of the community. (For more info, visit

To volunteer for the OPENING PROCESSION, please fill out the information below and please choose “CHOIR” under the dropdown “During Mass I Can Help With:

We need your help…

If you have any glitches in registering please call the FEST office at 440.943.7662 ASAP so we can make sure all 1200+ volunteers we need can register. Thank you!

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  • *NOTE: Will accept first 100 Eucharistic Ministers that check in the day of The FEST due to space limitations.
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