Danny Gokey

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Danny Gokey has been finding empowerment through music, his faith, and knowing that he’s making an impact on people’s lives. Originally a truck driver from Milwaukee, Danny won American Idol Season 8 while fighting tragedy every step of the way. After deciding to audition with his wife, he lost her to a surgery gone wrong only one month before taking the stage by storm. Today, Danny is married, a father, and is stronger and wiser. He poured his soul into his album “Rise,” and continues to use his faith, strength and passion to impact others as well as grow in his own life. Most recently, he has given his all in his new release “Haven’t Seen It Yet.”

2020 is his first FEST!


Learn more at www.dannygokey.com

The FEST @Home Performance!

If you missed the performance live on FEST day, check back here after August 9th to watch!

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