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@Home Craft Kit

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Welcome to The FEST @Home Kids Crafts!

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Kids Craft Videos

You can make great crafts using the supplies you already have at home. Feel free to improvise – it’s all about having fun and working together! The FEST@Home Craft Kits are sponsored by Robinson Fresh, Mott’s, Welch’s, and Tropicana!


“We are all one body, one body in Christ” – Corinthians 12:12

Butterflies symbolize light and life. God’s desire is for all to become one with God in the human race. Make a butterfly using a coffee filter, pipe cleaner, clothes pin, and crayons. Say a prayer for people of all races, colors, and creeds! You can also add the name of someone you love and remember to pray for them. 

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Kelly and our Friends from Unity Catholic Federal Credit Union Read us the story of Rock, Brock and the Savings Shock!

Glorious Visor

“Let your soul shine as light as the glorious sun!” 

Let God’s  glorious sun shine on everything you do and while God’s sun is shining on you, be sure you don’t get too much sunshine in your eyes! Decorate a visor and wear it all day. Pray for each person you see. If you meet someone who needs it more, be sure to share! 

God’s Eye or Ojo de Dios

Make a God’s Eye! 

Make a God’s Eye and once you do, put it in your home just like the people in Mexico put in their homes to bless the people who live there and visit. They know that with the cross, Jesus brought great blessings into their lives. He can do the same for you! 

Watch this video and follow along!

Gratitude Box

Be kind to one another! 

Make a kindness box by painting or decorating a box and glue this cross on it. As you do each act of kindness, put the card in the box. Fill in your own. When completed, give it to someone else so they can do the same acts of kindness! 

Help the Less Fortunate

“His work is honorable and glorious and His righteousness endures forever” – Psalm 111:3 

Take time to help others! Many people are poor and have no food. Fill the bag with non-perishables and make them a card. Drop them off at your local food bank!

Prayer Chain

Pray for the people you love!

Make a prayer chain and hang it in your room. Remember to pray for your friends and family! 

Who are you going to pray for?

Prayer Pinwheel

“A friend loves at all times” – Proverbs 17:17

Friends are important people in your life who are there when you need them. A friend can be anyone that you can depend on. Write the name of 4 friends on the corners of your pinwheel. Pray for them every time you see your pinwheel move! 

Soap & Water Collage

“Count your many blessings and see what God has done” – Ephesians 1

Mix 2/3 water and 1/3 dish soap and using a paint brush, roller, or your finger, paint the soap and water mixture on a window. As you add each shape to the window, say out loud how God has blessed you. Every time you see your “blessings” window, say a prayer!

Like a Sunflower

“And blessed be His glorious name forever and let the whole earth be filled with His glory” – Psalm 72:19

Sunflowers grow strong because of the sun’s light. Make a flower. Once the sunflower sprouts, place them somewhere where you are able to remember that Jesus, our light and love, guides us to grow strong in the Lord. 

Spread the Word

“Jesus is our help for today and our hope for tomorrow!” 

Use notes to tell others that you love them and that Jesus loves them! 

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